48 Hours

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So one of my biggest goals for the summer was to participate in the 48-Hour Film Festival. Last weekend I did just that. I was on a team sponsored by UNM’s IFDM program. It was a lot of work but was a lot of fun. We cannot post the video until after next Saturday but […]

Friends are the family we get to choose!

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What would life be without friends that are always there for you, encourage you, inspire you, and love and appreciate you for who you are? Now those friends are sometimes hard to find but when you do find them they become like family to you. They pick you back up when you’re down, they give […]

Trivial Luxuries

It is rather unfortunate how sometimes you really cannot know how much you appreciate something until you lose it. There are always small sacrifices we must take for being students that may seem silly or insignificant when compared to other issues we may be facing, or other issues in general, but it feels oh-so-good when […]

Weekends in Pictures

I’ve had a couple beautiful, busy weekends recently that I thought I’d share through pictures. Recently we had a fully overcast day in Albuquerque, which is such a rare thing. Every time it rains I go outside, because clouds and water change the way things look and feel so much. I took my camera and […]

Quotes to Lift You Up When You Feel Like a Total Mess

What I’ve discovered recently is that one of the most difficult aspects of growing up is learning how to forgive yourself after you’ve completely screwed up. It’s much easier to forgive other people; we learn to do that as children. As we mature, we also grow to realize when people hurt or betray us, it’s […]