Anna J.

Sophomore - Electrical Engineering
Meridian, Idaho

Interests: Yoga and Dancing

Extra Curricular Activities: Society of Women Engineers, Serve ABQ, STEM Collaborative Center Mentoring, Rack Research Laboratory for Photonics and Spectroscopy

Red or Green? green

Favorite Class: UHON 121 Legacy of the Renegade

Favorite Bands: Twenty-One Pilots, Panic at the Disco

What do you know now that you wish you knew when entering UNM?
When entering UNM, I wish that I knew that classes fill up fast! Emailing professors and planning out your schedule is so helpful especially if you are like me, from out of state and at the last New Student Orientation, and there are no open spots at the time of registration in the classes you initially wanted.

What are your favorite events around Albuquerque?
I loved going to the International Balloon Fiesta! I have never been to Albuquerque and this was hands down the best event I have been to since arriving in Albuquerque! I also loved traveling to Santa Fe and seeing the cute boutiques and restaurants there.

What advice would you give to an incoming UNM student?
I would say that everyone else is going through the same thing you are. Regardless of the circumstances, this is new territory for everyone so ask so many questions and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself because we are all learning the ropes.

What are you looking forward to most during this semester?
I am looking forward to the Hanging of the Greens, a UNM holiday tradition! It is the oldest student tradition and is one of the largest luminaria displays. This is something I can’t wait to not only see, but be apart of!

Meet Anna J.

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Summer Time Swimming

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For a little bit, I thought the heat wave in ABQ would not come for a good amount of time. With all the thunder and lightning storms, June was pretty cool. And everyone told me, Spring is windy, July is hot, and after it’s monsoon season. I definitely remember monsoon season when I first came […]