This last week was a 100% a heck of a week. The five weeks until the semester ends could not come sooner. Honestly, it feels like my studies are eating me alive and I am starting to understand why everyone says that the second semester feels like the longest. With our one break gone, I find myself ready for the weekend. I have a physics and chemistry exams soon when it feels like I just had a bunch of midterms. Regardless of the what feels like never ending studying, I have been able to enjoy some fun this week.

Wednesday, I went to the UNM Wind Symphony. I honestly don’t normally find myself in Popejoy often just because my classes aren’t really near the building. But, when I was invited to go, I was like this is a perfect thing to look forward to during a crazy week. The ensemble played four pieces and there were three soloists. The third piece was super cool since it also included a digital track that helped replicate the ambient outdoors and water sounds to further the main theme of the music. This was a really fun little midweek escape and it was only $5.00 with a UNM ID. There are a few more events like this that are super cheap and only about an hour and half long; a perfect escape.

This Saturday I also found myself in Cibola National Forest around Tijeras for another camping trip. With the warmer weather, it was definitely more bearable than the last few times. It was also a great technology and people detox. Leaving after eating at Lapo for dinner and swinging my McDonalds in the morning made it a really cheap trip and super effective in terms of generating a little bit more motivation for getting through this next bout of exams. I am not going to lie, the drive back to campus was a little sad just because I would much rather camp than study, but it was probably good leaving the site wanting to stay.

Sunset from where I went camping

Mostly, I am feeling the mental strain of studying nonstop so I hope you all are finding some small times to take a break and conserve some energy for the next five weeks until finals.

Good luck and stay sane,