The Friday before classes start in the fall, Student Activities Center and Student Union Building puts on Friday Night Live. This is like the first kick off for Welcome Back Days and I went to help Society of Women Engineers (SWE). SWE is a student organization I have been with for a little over a year. Friday Night Live is a great event for student orgs like SWE to recruit. Lots of fraternities and sororities as well as academic clubs such as AiChE and HESO show up and give new students and returning students some quick details about their organization.

Friday Night Live also has activities like laser tag, photo booth and special deals at the craft studio and Louie’s’ Lounge. This year there were virtual reality experiences, Henna tattoos, karaoke, sports teams, and a dance floor. There is a variety of free food every half hour throughout the night and it is a really great opportunity to see friends you haven’t seen all summer. There were about 2500 students that came during the event and it was completely free.

My freshman year I went and tried it all out. I made Shrinky Dinks at the craft studio and lost badly at a game of laser tag. I still have my photo strip from that night! This time around, I was a lot more stationary. I wasn’t planning on going to the event because I was supposed to have a late flight back from Nebraska that day. My flight got cancelled and I ended up on the first flight out at 6:00 am.

For not planning on being in Albuquerque almost all of Friday, I got a lot done. I ran errands, interviewed for a second job, and tried my best at promoting SWE on Instagram at Friday Night Live. I didn’t stay for the whole event, but for the parts I did, I had a blast. SWE had an Instagram prop and I had a game plan to revamp our social media. SWE brought candy and fun giveaway items. We tried for as many Instagram followers and story posts as possible. It was a lot of fun talking to so many people. I asked about majors and first day of school jitters.

By the end of the night, we hit 500 followers and had 400 views on our profile. 600+ people viewed our last post and I felt like my role as social media manager was a success!

It was fun working the event this time too. I got to help set up and see a bunch of my friends from other student organizations that I haven’t seen all summer. I am a little sad I didn’t get to do all of the fun activities or grab some of the free food. But, by the time it was 10:00 pm, I was exhausted and felt the side effects from my early flight. I headed back to my dorm and made myself a cup of tea. It was the perfect way to wind down for the night.

The next morning, I posted a cool picture from the event to keep engagement up and started to look forward to class crawl and the movie on the field Sunday before the first day of class.

Hopefully, the dive back into classes weren’t too crazy and the start of Welcome Back Days put you all on the right foot to start classes!