When December 14th hit, I was sure I would have plenty of time to mentally recover and  prepare for the new semester to hit. I started making lists of scholarships and internships I would apply for during 30 days of what I assumed would be twiddling thumbs. I now sit in a local library in the middle of nowhere that I call my hometown feeling the pressure of several middle of the month deadlines of those said scholarships and internships. I think that this low key panic is just an indicator of how great my break was rather than how truly talented I am at procrastinating…

I was somewhat worried about coming back for the break. I was going back to Idaho feeling so far removed from high school and unemployed. What was I going to do? This was the first winter break I have had where I had no homework. It was a really odd thing. I thought for sure I would be productive and I definitely was the first two days, but I started to realize how nice it was to sleep in every day and stay on the phone with my roommate for hours at a time.

There was plenty of fun things I got to do being back in town. I got to meet up with all my old friends and co-workers. These catch ups could also be called spending a ton of money at random burger restaurants but nonetheless worth it. I got a kick out of everyone who still thought I went to Arizona for school. One thing I noticed while recapping the last four months was how much of a life I have built for myself at school. Being so far away from home and having basically no one from Idaho go to UNM, there are so many friends and experiences and of course inside jokes that no one in my hometown knew about. I never expected to miss even ABQ so much. I had a friend over break tell me she started to re-watch Breaking Bad just to see clips of the city. We truly have fallen in love with this place.

In between severely missing New Mexico, I went on a really awesome road trip with a friend. We started in Eagle, ID and stopped at Craters of the Moon right at sunset. We hiked around and headed to Lava Hot Springs, ID where I go to experience snow in a hot mineral pool. I will tell you it tripped me out a little, so counter-intuitive and so cold getting in and out. The next day we took the scenic route to Logan, UT through Bear Lake County. We ate lunch and went snowshoeing right on the beach and headed through Cache National Forest, which if you ever get the chance should totally go check it out. The views were breathtaking. In Logan, UT we went snow tubing and ate at a cute diner. On our way back, we stopped in Twin Falls, ID at Magic Mountain Ski Resort where I cross country skied for the first time. This was such a fun trip and it made me want to explore NM way more so expect more post on those upcoming adventures. And if you are anything like my California friends who are like I have no idea what you are talking about, here is a map:

Winter Adventure Road Trip Map

While I had fun, I am ready to start school back up. I need school work and due dates to keep my productivity up and I need the fun and chaotic energy of my friends at college. I think coming back to Idaho was a nice vacation that reset my stress levels but I am ready to get back to ABQ and school. I hope you all are as well and good luck this semester. Here’s to a great one (fingers crossed)!