The last weekend I went up to Santa Fe to check out Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf is an interactive art museum that is just wild and so much fun, I’ve heard about this place since I got to Albuquerque and have been wanting to go so bad. A friend of mine had family in town so it was the perfect opportunity to go see it. Meow Wolf has two more locations, one in Las Vegas and one in Denver opening soon. The exhibit that was open when I went was the House of Eternal Return. The exhibit was launched March 2016 and Game of Thrones’ George R.R. Martin helped create it. (There will be spoilers about the museum!)

Santa Fe is about an hour away from campus. We got there around 3:00 pm which was nice because it wasn’t too crowded. Pulling into the parking lot there were three big statues which was already pretty cool. We took a picture with the robot before and the spider after we went throughout the museum.

We walked in and it was already cool to walk around. There was a big hallway with cool murals with bright colors and a cafe. We bought our tickets and could have bought some 3D glasses, but it was still really cool without them. When I walked in, I was slightly confused. It was honestly just a big front of a house in a dark room. I knew going in there was a storyline would could follow. It was some sort of mystery, but I didn’t hunt for more clues.

The first thing we did was go in the front of the house and found a secret passage under the stairs. All of a sudden, we were in some sort of cave with bright colored lights. It was like walking into a closet to Narnia but cooler. There were hidden doors and passages everywhere. After a while of exploring, I ended up back in the house somewhere weird like under the fireplace or out of the refrigerator. You could look through windows and see other people in totally different rooms. Something I thought was odd but super thankful for after like hour two was the random places you could sit. There could be a couch in the ground or pillows in a tree trunk. Towards the end, I started to go from place to place finding seats, half out of laziness and half out of being funny.

A highlight was definitely the secret passage down the dryer. There was a spiral stair that took you from a tree house like setting to a pink cave with stuffed worms hanging from the ceiling. They also incorporated a lot of musical instruments throughout. There was a plastic dinosaur cage with neon lights that you could hit, and they would play notes. There was also a dark room through another weird passage that had vertical red lasers in the center of the room and if you broke the beam path it would play a harp chord.

By the end, I thought I had seen everything, but I am sure there were other hidden rooms that I hadn’t explored yet. It was a lot of fun to run around and find random coves. There were a lot of bright lights and a lot of energy in one place. I totally had an energy crash once we got into the car and went to dinner. I slept so well that night.

If you haven’t checked it out, I would totally go. Meow Wolf opens a new exhibit this weekend and offers a discount for New Mexico residents. It was a great day trip to procrastinate homework and decompress from the week. Hopefully you all were able to get out this weekend and do something that was crazy fun to get through this last heat of exams (at least in my case).

Good luck with the three more weeks until finals!