Fall semester begins right around the corner as we embark on the weeklong move in process. Since I was a summer resident who opted for interim housing, I could move in on Thursday but had a pretty quick turnaround. A lot of the SRC apartment buildings had to get moved out of and cleaned fast so new residents could move in for the next semester. Saturday through Monday is early move in. This was the move in time period I did last year. I was in the very last NSO group and flew into Albuquerque on a Sunday and headed to orientation the next day. For early move in, there is a fee and an application to fill out beforehand.

The bulk of the residents will move in Tuesday through Friday. This is a fun but also stressful time. On one hand, you get to set up your new rooms however you want. The nice part of college is that you can’t take everything so the childhood stuff you keep as mementos can stay at your parents’ house and won’t ruin your college vibe. The downside is dragging all of your stuff across campus or up and down stairs. With carts and some elevators in certain housing buildings, this could be super easy or you’re going to need a good rest after the whole ordeal is over.

Some highlights from last year was getting my Lobo ID and checking out LaPo (the dining hall) for the first time. It’s cool to see all of the dorms decorated with the RAs’ theme and not being quite sure what to expect. This year has been less exciting. After getting all of my stuff in the new room with help from a lot of friends, I took a trip to Target to get the last bit of storage or lighting that will make the room perfect. So far, this is my fifth move within the campus (and boy, I’m ready to stay in one place for a good while). I will tell you that some aspects get easier and some you just can’t get around.

I think that from the various moves I have gotten way better at 1) actually packing into boxes and bags and 2) packing like things with like. Packing beforehand, even though it sort of sucks living out of boxes for a few days, helps lessen the stress for me and the move go faster. Second piece of advice for moving, bring your friends and have something on wheels. If you’re moving in the heat of the day like the last move, I had, you’ll want to get all of the stuff in first and then you can go wild in the putting away and decorating.

If you are moving in from off campus, like most, utilize the pedway. It makes it so much easier than trying to find parking on this crazy campus. Especially with the university touching up the pain for parking spots and traffic lines, parking is even more limited. Plus, the parking and transportation department are all driving around and checking parking passes to make sure all the rules are being followed with the increased students and families on the campus. It’s always better to park a little farther away in the right spot than getting a ticket the first week you are here. Use it as an opportunity to either reacquaint yourself or get familiar with the campus.

Hopefully, move in goes smoothly for everyone and starts getting you all excited for the new school year!

Good luck,