The summer session begins June 3rd and is all I have been preparing for this last week. By this I mean napping and binge watching the Good Wife on Hulu because I am on season six and I only have one more season left before I can stop wondering what the characters will do next when I am bored at work (and I have no idea how I started watching this super dramatic show from 2009 but now I’m committed). I am a little nervous about working full time at the internship balanced with four credit hours. During the regular semester, four credits is no big deal, but these courses are condensed, and I am primarily working rather being a fulltime student.

Regardless of the qualms, I am excited. With it being summer, most of my out-of-state friends went back home and most of the in-state students went back to their parents. In other words, campus is dead except for the occasional New Student Orientation group. I know a few of my friends are moving back on campus for the start of the summer semester. But a class or two will also keep me busy when I have the down time.

I think working is really bittersweet. On one hand, it is so nice to leave everything at work. I walk out the door and I am not responsible for any of the material until I am back on the clock. With the job being and internship, it is also cool because I am learning super major and career specific material and vocabulary and it makes zoning out once 6:00 pm comes around so much nicer especially when I am woefully overwhelmed.

On the other hand, I am totally done with my day at 6:00 pm. Aside from the occasional grocery trip or an outing to fill up my gas tank, I don’t really know what to do. A lot of my friends have left or aren’t a five-minute walk away anymore. My roommates work on their own schedule which is great for not having to share the kitchen when I make dinner, but I also miss the company. (Let’s just say I have watched a lot of the Good Wife.)  Ultimately, I am ready for summer classes, but I think I am getting too used to learning new material at the internship with no potentially negative impact on my grade.

Along with eliminating the largest contributors to my procrastination skills, I have also started attending yoga classes. The studio I am going to is pretty close to campus and offers a student discount. I have been practicing yoga for about a year and a half and I am happy I am going back to a studio. Not only is it getting me in a calmer mindset for tackling school and work but it’s fun. Since I started it at the beginning of summer, it’s a nice little reminder that it still is summer, and I can do a little school and a lot of work and still set aside an hour to myself to not be so serious.

So, wish me luck in my mad dash to complete the Good Wife and I hope you all find a little fun in your summer even with a million and a half things going on.