I think I have taken for granted how pretty the UNM campus is. It has almost been a year since I arrived in New Mexico for the first time. I got accepted into UNM pretty late and did not tour or even visit Albuquerque before I arrived for school. My New Student Orientation (NSO) group was the last one, like a week before Fall classes officially began. I honestly had no idea what to expect but I knew when I got off the plane, I was here for at least four months, one semester. And I can do anything for four months.

As soon as I got here, I was go go. For the most part, all I saw was the inside of my dorm room and that was great at first until all of my newly made friends (because we all know the mad dash for friends during NSO and the first week or so of classes) were out late playing games and talking while I was already buried in homework. I will be the first to admit, that first month was rough for me and I totally rethought college. It felt like I was doing it ‘wrong’ because everyone else seemed to be having a breeze. I will tell you right now, stick it out. Change up the scenery or your surroundings because as soon as I found my friend group of engineers, I discovered studying is totally normal and I would be doing something really wrong if I was just sitting around all day.

All the little breaks in the Fall semester was filled up with fun little events like the Balloon Fiesta or a camping trip. During, the big breaks (Thanksgiving and Winter breaks) I went out of the state and left campus. The Spring Semester did not have nearly as many breaks and classes got harder (as they will continue to get). So, I never really stopped to explore campus as much as I would have liked.

With the summer semester, the number of people on campus has been cut down to a tiny fraction. The view out my window has a perfect view of the pedway and I have noticed how many people walk their dogs at honestly any time of day. I’ve seen NSO groups line up outside LaPo after breakfast or dinner. But it has been nice with less people and less things to do. I’ve noticed these really beautiful flowers outside my apartment that I have never really seen before. There are these really beautiful flowering trees outside Castetter Hall. Everything is so green and lush because of the weird rainstorms we’ve been getting around the end of May and early June. The Duck Pond has a perfect view of the sunset and I finally got the second to notice engravings on the pillars around Mother Earth Fountain.

The Sunrise on the Dinning Hall, La Posada

Slowing down is so very hard for me, especially because I am, just by nature, a go go go type of personality. I love going somewhere and searching for beautiful places all over, but it is really nice to just sit somewhere on campus and take ten minutes to notice anything. I hope you are able to take a little time and enjoy your surroundings.