With the semester coming to a close, I could not help but think about returning home. Everyone is so excited to travel back, see loved ones and of course for classes to end. But the other night, I realized how much I am going to miss everyone here. It is funny to think that in early August, when room assignments were going out, the very last place I wanted to live was in the dorms… especially a double. I was worried about who my roommate would be and shared bathrooms.

First off, roommates:

I asked around a lot before I came to UNM and I heard a lot of horror stories. I am from out of state and did not know anyone who was going to New Mexico. One day I got an email and it was this complete stranger from Massachusetts. I told her I text way more often than I email and she completely agreed. We talked briefly, but I honestly had no clue what this girl was like. Right from the start when we moved in, all of our stuff matched, even without us coordinating. It was a tale tell sign she was going to be a pretty awesome roommate.

This part is an #appreciationpost…

My roommate is honestly one of my most favorite people in this world. Her and I are a perfect match and it is hilarious to think she just dropped into my room on a whim. Both of us admittedly Instagram stalked each other before we met and we have already joked about living in a condo on the beach somewhere in ten years or so. This immediate spark happened with almost everyone else too. This is clearly evidenced by the crazy amounts of Snapchat group chats I am in. I have spent hours on the floors of my friends room talking or eating or laughing. There is truly never a dull moment.

Second off, bathrooms:

Sharing the bathroom is not as nearly as rough as I thought. There are so many showers and stalls that there is rarely ever lines, at least in Hokona. It’s low key nice because I do not need to clean the toilet or sinks either. The least favorable part is the locked bathroom part. Fumbling with the keys is not the ideal situation when you really got to go. Anyways, it is completely doable and I feel silly looking back that this was a deterrent force.

Ultimately, I came to college thinking I was going to stay in my room with the door closed. I did not feel that having a social life was something important to me. It is safe to say now, that I am so so grateful to live the dorm life. This epiphany dawned on me when there was six or seven of us hanging out in a friends room late on a Sunday night. I would like to start off and say Sunday nights are notoriously school nights and I definitely felt cool for staying up late with friends. Not only did I feel a small burst of independence, but I realized going home for the holidays means I can’t just walk a few feet and have a crazy and chaotic night full of jokes and stress relief tea.

Even tonight there was at least six other people sitting in my roommate and I’s room on the floor in chairs on beds and desks. I will miss this tight knit community so much. I love yelling down the hall when I get home “that’s my roommate” or walking by open doors just to check in on all my neighbors and friends. There is a never ending echo of laughter from all the rooms and this will one hundred percent be missed as I leave for a month.

It is something to look forward to next semester as we all start slowly leaving and if any of my friends are reading know that each and everyone of you fill my heart. See you all in a few short weeks…