Beatriz P.

Senior - Computer Science
Caracas, Venezuela

Interests: Graphic design, software design, music, art, theater, literature

Extra Curricular Activities: Staff editor of Bound magazine. Used to be in guitar lessons and in a musical theater group.

Red or Green? green

Give me two hours a day of activity, and I'll take the other 22 in dreams.
— Salvador Dali

Favorite Class: Computer Architecture (CS 341), Ballroom Dance (PENP 193), Drawing I (ARTS 106)

Favorite Bands: Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, Blink 182

What do you know now that you wish you knew when entering UNM?
"Yes, there are many opportunities even for a freshman" I probably would have had a better and more productive start if I knew what I could do (both in and out of school) as well as how I could achieve my academic goals more effectively.

What are your favorite events around Albuquerque?
Aside from the concerts, which you could get all over the US, I've really enjoyed some cultural parties (or fiestas) like the gatherings at the plaza in Old Town. I'm also a big fan of the Balloon Fiesta.

What were your expectations about UNM? Were these met?
Before coming to UNM I knew I would have more and better choices than I would ever find at a university back home. Just with the IFDM program alone I had a lot to look forward to. My expectations have actually been exceeded.

What surprised you the most about UNM
The UNM Art Museum in Popejoy, it's great! The variety of exhibitions is impressive. There was even an Andy Warhol Polaroid exhibition once.

Meet Beatriz P.

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So I successfully completed the Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media (IFDM) program (yay!) but I took a bit of an unorthodox route to do so. Being the only CS student in my cohort, I did not get to take the same electives as most of my classmates because my list of requirements focused on Fine […]

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Our second field trip with the Computational Sustainability class was probably my favorite out of any of the activities I’ve done with a class. This time our class took us to the Santa Fe Community College (SFCC). The SFCC works mostly like a microgrid structure (they generate a fraction of the power they use, but […]

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The second and third best field trips of 2017 were both thanks to a class I took over the Fall semester. This class was CS 491 – “Art & Ecology: Computational Sustainability.” The class was completely different to what I’ve experienced at UNM and it turned out to be quite exciting. In the end, a classmate […]

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I know it’s cliché, but tell me you don’t enjoy looking back at all of your old pictures of the previous year during NYE, or just looking back at all the pictures you took of your travels when you get back home, or reliving the night before through funny pictures with friends. This is why […]

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Hello, everyone! And welcome to week 16 of this Fall semester. As final deadlines approach, graduation feels a little too close for comfort. lt’s real! I’m already registered for my final semester as an undergrad at UNM. I only need three more classes! I’m nervous to throw myself out there and to try and start […]