If you know me then you’ll know sometimes I like to indulge in silly food “holidays.” Apparently last Thursday was National Pizza Day, and upon learning this—after a particularly busy day at school—a pizza sounded pretty darn good! So I decided to break my streak of veggie-and-protein-filled dinners for one of my favorite go-to’s: green chile and pepperoni. Those two toppings on a pizza have a special spot in my heart.

Speaking of my heart, I of course had to order my feel-good dinner from my favorite pizza place in town, ♥ Straight Up Pizza ♥ . I have their number saved on my contacts in my phone, and they have my number stored on their system. I guess you could say the feeling is mutual.


The man who handed me my pizza (whom I assume is the owner, maybe?) happily opened the box for me to show off his product. You could tell he was proud of his work, it was so sweet! I promise if you try this place you’ll love the food and the service!

I can't eat pizza any other way!

I can’t eat pizza any other way!