Hi everyone!
Update long overdue. I’m happy to see that Maya is having a great last semester. So I guess this post will be some yin to that yang.
I’m a senior! (Again). I have officially begun my last year of undergrad, which is super exciting and terrifying. For this semester I am taking 15 credits, which is not the most I’ve ever taken, but it certainly is the busiest I’ve ever been. The bad? All 5 classes are super work-intensive and demanding. I don’t have a single “breather” class. The good? Next semester (the last one!) should be fairly easy by comparison (phew — at least there was some OK planning on my behalf there).
I am taking:
  1. A computer science elective – Networks
  2. Another CS elective – Computational Sustainability (say whaat? More on that later!)
  3. A CS core course – Operating Systems
  4. General physics (yes, as in I took all my labs but I was missing some science credits – yay me)
  5. Tech intro to film production… I finished the IFDM program, but I still have to take a 100-level course because I was missing an elective
Don’t get me wrong. I’m actually enjoying all of my classes (even the 100-level ones!) It’s just a bit overwhelming. OH and I’m also working roughly 15 hours a week. I am getting through it all slowly but surely. And hey, we’re already a quarter of the way through!
Hope everybody is alive and well in this new semester. Let me know how you’re doing!
I’ll be sure to be back in touch soon.

The other day I checked out a camera from the Cinematic Arts department, but I didn’t get a tripod, and so I had to use the travel tripod I have at home. It looked so silly! This semester, I’m the flimsy tripod, and my workload is the disproportionately large and heavy Canon T6i and 18-55mm lens kit.