I just finished my Junior year here at UNM. Somehow, I will be a Senior next semester, and it’s becoming difficult to wrap my head around that. One is used to expecting to get busier as the years progress, and one would expect to find an increased difficulty in classes and at jobs. But all these expectations still don’t seem to prepare you enough.
When I thought I couldn’t get any busier, right when I began to celebrate the beginning of this wonderful summertime, I got myself into new, busier projects. Now even my time off is busy. As usual, I can’t really complain because I’m having fun, but I’m also glad to say that did in fact get to enjoy of some (brief, but real) idleness.
But with all this business I have realized that I fail to appreciate certain moments or places or people… So now bear with me as I try to celebrate those happy moments, those wonderful places, and all the lovely people I haven’t acknowledged properly.
Sometimes I stop long enough to pose next to the flowers.

Sometimes I stop long enough to pose next to the flowers.

To begin this series of my “smelling the flowers” type posts, I wanted to take the time to mention some of UNM’s wonderful services.
Women’s Resource Center
This is such a wonderful place on campus! I had visited their front desk, and I was aware of their existence, but it wasn’t until the last few days of the Spring semester that I truly learned what goes on in this place. Basically if you’re a UNM student (regardless of your gender) you can come to this place for any kind of help. Whatever your problem may be, they will find a way to get you in the proper direction. All of their employees are very knowledgeable, and they can send you to the proper place or person where you could be helped in the best way possible or available.
Sometimes you don’t have to go very far! There are counselors inside the WRC who can personally assist you, and probably help you solve most of your problems right there. But in the “worst case,” if everyone is busy or if there isn’t anyone available to assist you right away, you can always find hot beverages and sweet treats in the lounge. I don’t know about you guys, but life always seems more manageable and more enjoyable with a fresh cup of tea in my hand.
Ladies: if you’re ever in the unlucky and uncomfortable situation of lacking some necessary hygiene products, you should come here first! The Women’s Resource Center can hook you up with a few sanitary “goodies”!
In particular, I had the pleasure of meeting Caitlin at WRC, who was always so kind and understanding. I cannot thank her enough for all of her help! Every one I met there (especially at the front desk) would always receive me with a smile and friendly advice, so a big thank you to everyone at Women’s Resource Center!
It is good to know that there is such a wide variety of organizations around campus designed to look out for us Lobos. Though I haven’t been here much, the couple of times I there, I found my visits to be efficient and reassuring.
This is another service on campus that you may utilize for a more specific assistance. Although I am sure they can help you with many other questions, LoboRespect provides the best services in helping students feel safe and comfortable in their environment. I learned that at LoboRespect they have worked a lot with Women’s Resource Center and other organizations on campus, so it is easy to trust them and know you’re in good hands.
Here I met Angela, who was extremely understanding and supportive. Her great mood and sense of humor made me feel right at ease!
I have honestly never had an unpleasant experience at the SHAC. Luckily, most of the times I have visited the SHAC have not been because of a particular illness, but rather because of paperwork, regular check ups, prescription refills, etc.
I am so glad to have such wonderful health services at such a convenient location. Accessibility is what makes the SHAC the perfect option for me. Back home I was used to having to skip an entire day at school just to visit the doctor for a check up. But I have been able to visit my doctor at the SHAC in between classes and my work schedule. Can’t beat that!
I cannot name a particular person from the SHAC because I have been here too many times, and there are too many people to remember. A short list of some employees I can list off the top of my head right now would not be fair. I just want to thank everyone at the SHAC, from the front desk and the counseling services area, to the nurses and the doctors, and the pharmacists and immunization people up on the second floor.
And that is all I have for today. I hope maybe you learned of a new option from this post, or maybe I helped you reassure that we are taken care of nicely on this campus. Now I’d like to know what your favorite services on campus are! What makes you feel comforted as a Lobo?
  • Maya Holt

    I will also be a Senior next semester and it’s very surreal! The SHAC is an amazing place with great staff. this was a great post!