I know it’s cliché, but tell me you don’t enjoy looking back at all of your old pictures of the previous year during NYE, or just looking back at all the pictures you took of your travels when you get back home, or reliving the night before through funny pictures with friends. This is why I have decided to do a brief post (or two or three) about my favorite parts of 2017.
Since I don’t want to bore you all with nostalgic posts, let me just focus on one of the highlights that being a Lobo brought to me this 2017: field trips! I love them. Traveling is fun, but traveling with friends while getting class credit or getting paid to travel is almost too good to be true. I have 4 different field trips to share with you all, so here is the first one!
Over the Summer, I mostly stayed around campus working on an internship I began in February of 2017. This internship is through a program called Advance at UNM, which looks to recruit, retain, and promote women and minorities in STEM. My job duties include photography, video, and WordPress — I work with the communications team for the program. The highlight of my summer internship was visiting Boston for the first time, alongside some of my fellow computer science classmates.
Dr. Melanie Moses, a professor from UNM’s CS department, works with the NASA to run the Swarmathon. In short, the Swarmathon is a robotics competition event where participants program their “swarmies” (the robots) to collect as many cubes as they can inside a specific “arena.” (There’s a swarm robotics class offered at UNM, and you may have seen these swarmies competing on campus.)
At Advance we have covered some stories on professor Moses before because her and her lab are doing cool research (and because robots). Professor Moses was planning a Swarmathon in Boston for the summer, and asked me to join them to take pictures and videos for Advance! So I joined students from her lab to meet CS students from all over the country (and all over the world) to witness this fun-filled, week-long event. The best part was that participants also got to visit a robotics conference at MIT, and since I had to photograph most of the event, I also got to enjoy part of this conference.
I arrived at Boston with students from the lab a few days before the Swarmathon events began. Because of this, I was lucky enough to take a day off and explore the city. During this time I met up with a friend of mine who happens to go to school at Boston. I hadn’t seen them since high school so it was a great time to catch up and enjoy a personal guided tour! That day we visited a total of 2 museums, 2 restaurants, countless gift shops and parks, and we walked a total of 10 miles.

Some fancy gate at Harvard.

At the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. If your name is Isabella, you get free admission!

Inside the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Casual stroll through Beacon Hill historic neighborhood.

An MIT building I found as I walked around.

I ate plenty of lobster rolls.

Breakfast spot that was walking distance to the house we stayed at. There was no roof! Just grape vines.

Student employment is rad.