This is a story of how I thought I would be fine with 18 credits this semester, until I faced my first week of exams. This is also the story of how I thought I would be fine after my first week of exams, until I tried to do everything I put off during that week on top of new homework.
Here is a little snippet of something I was writing a few weeks back:
“It is week 3. I still have been able to keep a decent sleep schedule on most days of the week. I’m still keeping up with a weekly workout routine. I have no homework due tomorrow. I have spent a good amount of time socializing with friends and family. Is this real life?
So far these 18 credits seem do-able.
The main reason why I have kept my cool these weeks with all my homework: better time management. I did it, guys! It is very much possible for me not to procrastinate and actually put in equal amounts of effort into my schoolwork each day. Here’s how I avoided laziness:
1- Starting week 2, my sister got me hooked on this fast-paced game on my phone (thanks, sis). The game called for my constant attention (both from automated messages and my friends inviting me to play new rounds) and sucked the life out of me for a good hour. But if you close the app before a new round begins and you disable the notifications, you can go on with your day undisturbed. Out sight, out of mind.
2- I am thrilled with my CS class. The new programming style is difficult to understand at first, but I have found it to be immensely enjoyable. This semester, judging by the amount of new concepts I had to wrap my head around, I started reading the textbook ahead of the class.”
A few things changed. I am no longer reading the textbook ahead of the class (whoops) and I am getting a bit distracted by my phone again. At least I’m not playing games for hours… My sleeping schedule is pretty messed up at this point and I went on a two-week period of no exercising at all. For those same two weeks I would stay up every night past midnight doing homework.
It is not all lost though and it has gotten better since then. I still think these 18 credits are do-able and I can still run intense hill intervals on the treadmill without fainting. I was even able to apply for some important scholarship during those crazy two weeks of exams and projects. Now I am not sure if I will get a scholarship until late April, but that is another story.
Yesterday I was able to go back to yoga class (something which I had been missing for more than two weeks). Although I fell asleep during the final shavasana (corpse pose — literally lying motionless on the floor), I did notice that the progress I had made these past few months on my other poses did not change much! I was a bit off balance at moments, but I could still pick up where I had last left off, and plus a got a sweet 7-minute nap at the end.
I am also happy that I have gotten a lot of homework done, and that most of my bigger worries were due before the break. Now I just have one more exam before the break and I can take most of that week off to keep my mental health at bay. I will have some projects due the week right after break, and I will have more exams a week after that, but it should all seem much more manageable. I will still study and work on my school projects during the break, and hopefully this second period of crazy will not affect me as badly as it did this first time around.
I hope none of you are getting too many gray hairs from school and that you all enjoy your Spring Break! I’d love to hear about your plans, and I will make sure to share my experiences when we get back.