You can laugh at me for it, but I’ve always loved the sad songs. My Evanescence phase was embarrassingly long, and I can neither confirm nor deny that My Immortal still plays sometimes on my Spotify.

I can’t believe I just confessed that.

Anyways, back to the fact that I’ve always loved sad songs. Maybe that’s why the goth culture feels so natural to me. The music that gives it its identity and life speaks to me on a very familiar and important way. One reason I love The Cure so much is that no one can write a heartbreaking love song like Robert Smith. Even their smash hit “Love Song” is phenomenal every time I listen to it. But better yet are the B-sides and the more obscure (see what I did there?) moody, sad songs that you can find in every one of their albums. Some personal favorites are This Twilight Garden, Apart, The Same Deep Water as You, Out of This World, A Chain of Flowers, Halo, and Scared as You.

And then they played their new song at the show, and it topped all of my old favorites in a way I didn’t expect. It was a song about saying goodbye to someone you love, and it hit me right in the feels, bruh. I got a video of it on my phone, but someone on YouTube posted a professional-level video of the same song when they performed it in El Paso back in May, so here it is:

The lyrics (as well as the individual who posted it could tell, since they aren’t recorded anywhere yet) are below and very worth reading. I couldn’t see Smith’s face at the concert I was at, but in most of the videos I’ve seen from their shows, he’s in tears. And, well, so was I when I heard it at the concert. The best emotion I can describe that experience as is missing someone whom I hadn’t even met.

And that concludes my Sad Songs Monologue. Happy tears! 😉