Cara G.

Freshman - Journalism
Houston, TX

Interests: Food, Baking, DIY crafts, coffee, writing & reading, animals, interior design, astrology

Extra Curricular Activities: As of right now, nothing really, because I haven’t had a chance to really explore all the vast options!

Red or Green? green

"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment."
— Henry David Thoreau

Favorite Class: So far, my favorite class is probably Ballet 1!

Favorite Bands: Eisley, Local Natives, The Shins, Modest Mouse, Death Cab For Cutie

What brought you to UNM?
I grew up in virtually the same place my whole life, so I wanted a change. After receiving a scholarship to get in-state tuition at UNM, I decided that’s where I wanted to be. It’s also a small pro that my boyfriend goes to school just an hour away (versus 14!) in Santa Fe.

What surprised you the most about UNM?
I was so surprised by how much there is to do around the campus and the city directly around it! From cute little shops and restaurants down Central, to the almost endless being planned, there is definitely something for everyone.

How is Albuquerque different from your hometown?
So totally different from Houston! For starters, THERE IS NO HUMIDITY! Which is awesome. It’s still hot, but all I have to do is find a shady spot to sit, and I’m good. There are also mountains, which is really exciting to see every morning when I get up! I also feel like Albuquerque is more environmentally friendly than Houston, and the downtown is so tiny- then again that’s coming from the perspective of a girl who grew up on the outskirts of the 4th largest city in the country!

What’s your best UNM experience so far?
My best experience so far has been residence life! I’m staying in Coronado, and I was so nervous about sharing a room with a total stranger, in a hall with more total strangers, but everyone has been so nice! My roommate and I get along perfectly, and the other girls in my hall are really cool too.

Meet Cara G.

Until Next Year, Ya’ll!

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With my freshman year of college coming to a close, it is needless to say that I am full of so many feelings- and I love it. This gives me an excuse to get personal and nostalgic and sappy, and all those fun things. When I’m not cranking out essays for my honors classes or […]

Intro to Media Writing

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This semester, I got to take my first journalism course- CJ 171, also known as Intro to Media Writing. The name of the class doesn’t sound too terribly exciting, but the class itself is! It focuses on, well, writing for the media- basically a lot of newspaper/editorial type writing, with some public relations and advertising […]

Physics: Not Just About Newton

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Physics. It’s the study of the natural world around us. I took physics in high school, it interested me, and so I decided to take it as my second science credit this semester. I highly recommend the class (PHYS 102)- the lectures were really interesting! However, I learned about more than just the gravitational constant, […]

Easter Weekend in the Dorms

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This past weekend, a lot of people living in my hall went home for the weekend to spend the holidays with their families. My fellow out of state students as well as a few out-of-towners who didn’t feel like driving all stayed in the dorms, though. Regardless of if you celebrate Easter or not, it […]

Outdoor Fun and Some Words of Inspiration

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I know I have talked about the weather so much lately, but it’s because it has been divine lately. The trees are sporting new little green buds, flowers are popping up across campus, and the once so barren desert landscape is coming to life with the colors of spring. With the sun out, the temperatures up, […]