Carrie R.

Senior - IFDM (Production)
Tucson, Ariz.

Interests: Table gaming

Extra Curricular Activities: Community College Student Body President, Community College newspaper

Red or Green? red

We think a flower on a cliff is beautiful. Because we stop our feet at the cliff's edge. Unable to step out into the sky. Like that fearless flower.
— Tite Kubo

Favorite Class: History

Favorite Bands: My playlist includes everything from Rob Zombie to Disney songs and it lives on random.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when entering UNM?
I wish I had known more about consortium agreements when I transferred. I spent my first year on consortium and the first time going through the process was really confusing.

What surprised you the most about UNM?
I went to CNM prior to this and was used to a very personal educational experience. I was afraid that I would not have the same experience. Being just another name in a sea of students would not work well for me. However I was pleasantly surprised because overall every teacher I have had has always had the time when I needed it.

What are your favorite events around Albuquerque?
I really love that Albuquerque has something or everybody. I love the Albuquerque Comic Expo (ACE), Bubonicon, and the local Magic: The Gathering events. The local theater scene is amazing here to. The summer Shakespeare festival at the Vortex is a must-see every year. I have seen some great plays put on by Mother Road Theater Company and Foul Play Café is perfect for a date night.

What were your expectations about UNM?
I really didn’t have a lot of expectations when I started here. I tend to be a wait and see kind of person. Overall, I am enjoying my time here so far.

Meet Carrie R.


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This will be one of my last post with The Pack. I am finally done and it is wonderful. Before I go, thank you for following me, listening to me complain and sharing in my experience. I hope you got something from it. I hope I have left you empowered and passionate about something. I […]

The Last Assignment

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I have finally finished my last assignment. My last sleepless night. It feels amazing to be complete. I am relieved because there is no more fore me to do. I have done all I can. And what was it, you may ask? A screenplay, around 60 pages in length. One I will submit to places […]

My Favorite Assignment

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In the last 6 years I have been in school, one assignment has stuck with me.  It was one of the best final assignments I have ever had because it taught me something precious. This is Orion the Great hunter. Or at least that is what we are taught. Some Greek myth that connects the […]

What’s Next for Me?

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The end of my college days are here. Some have asked me what is next and I don’t entirely know. I have always been a bit on the whimsical side, allowing myself the freedom to choose a path that is my own. I see each day as a new opportunity an new chance to explore […]

Planning a Business

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So the culmination of my business class was a business plan. While this was a pain of a project, it is actually really useful. I had to think of all the details. It all starts with a concept. I did a plan for a company that makes virtual reality tours for real estate. I called […]