In October, Albuquerque will be electing a new mayor. Richard Berry will not be seeking re-election. Currently, there are 14 candidates running with more possible by the end of April. As part of my Due Diligence as a citizen, I am going to research these people and share my finding with you. I will not tell you my preferences, just who they are, how they are financed, and a link to their campaign websites.

Edward Joseph Aragon Jr.

Deanna Archuleta

Elan Colello

Brian S. Colón

  • Privately financed
  • No website available

Lamont T. Davis

Michelle Garcia Holmes

  • Privately financed
  • No website available

Rachel Golden

Wayne Johnson

Timothy Keller

Dan Lewis

Scott Madison

  • Publicly financed
  • No website available

Stella Padilla

Augustus “Gus” Pedrotty

Susan Wheeler-Deichsel


The links above are what has been provided by the candidate via the cabq website. I will post more as more candidates sign up.

Who do you like? Who stands out?