So I have decided to submit one of my scripts to Amazon. It is one I wrote last semester. The story is a half-hour kids show. I really fell in love with my characters and I hope those who read my script will too. It is probably going to be rejected but if you never ask the answer is no.

I really enjoy creating characters for different stories. Character development is what allows an audience to really understand a character; it makes them real, in a sense. We love characters because we can see ourselves in them. When you create a character for a story, if you understand how that character feels you know what drives them.

I remember reading an interview with an author, and she said she would write the story of the character that was asking to be told. I didn’t understand that at the time but now I get it. Understanding a character’s wants and desires helps you tell their story. If you know what they want and why you know how they will act and react. In other words “precious” doesn’t make sense if you don’t understand Gollum and the ring.

When I write a story, part of my process is to write who my characters are. I need to know them like I would a close friend. Where did they grow up? What is their family like? What is/was school life like for them? Even if I never mention these things in the story, these details help define how they respond to their world. The more details I have them more complete the character is.

It tells me not only how they speak but how they move. Someone who was bullied in high school acts very differently that valedictorian or the football quarterback, even years after high school.