One thing I have noticed that a lot of students have trouble with is giving feedback and criticism. I am not sure but I think a lot of students are afraid of confrontation. This is probably why group projects suck a lot of the time. Rather than approaching a peer with a problem and talking about the issues in the beginning people hold their tongues and just get through the project completely miserable.

I am guilty of this one, too. But the thing is that no one can fix a problem they are unaware of. It is almost like cancer in that if it goes undiagnosed for too long the problem gets worse and worse until it becomes terminal for a friendship. Often simply saying one thing openly, honestly, and with the best intentions put everyone in a better place.

Criticism is not a bad thing; in fact it can be extremely helpful. Learning to give and receive constructive criticism is a powerful tool that can only improve life for everyone. But it has to be positive and in such a way that it provides a way for a person to improve. We are all going to face these situations in the workplace and there is no class or seminar that can teach this. We have to learn these skills practically.