This will be one of my last post with The Pack. I am finally done and it is wonderful. Before I go, thank you for following me, listening to me complain and sharing in my experience. I hope you got something from it. I hope I have left you empowered and passionate about something.

I will leave you will a little bit of advice. Never stop caring; people need each other. We’re not that different from each other and everyone is dealing with something. Never give up; life is going to challenge you. Rise to that challenge and overcome it. Don’t be afraid to try something new; you may fall flat on your face but in the end you will gain something from the experience. Take time to be with those you care about; life is too short to be unhappy. Work to live not the other way around. Love who you are; your ideas matter as much as anyone’s. Laugh at yourself; most things will be funny eventually. It makes life easier to find the humor now rather than waiting. Don’t let other drag you to their level; find your peace and move on with your life.