In the last 6 years I have been in school, one assignment has stuck with me.  It was one of the best final assignments I have ever had because it taught me something precious.

star-chart-orionThis is Orion the Great hunter. Or at least that is what we are taught. Some Greek myth that connects the dots for us. Humans are incredibly creative we see the stars and find patterns. The Greeks were not the only people to see something in this pattern; some saw a great canoe and fisher man. Many of us look up and see this as the hunter because we have been told what it is by society.

I challenge you to redraw the lines and find your own meaning. Guide your own view of the world. Define what your meaning is.

I see a beta fish when I redraw the lines. I have kept betas many times. They are fun pets with great personalities. Usually friendly toward fish of other breeds just not each other. Elegant and colorful yet tough as nails. This is how I see myself and my world: Colorful, a little crazy, and tough but kind.

What do you see and what does it mean?