These are things we all need and we all think we know how to write them. I certainly did. My business class went over this in class the other day and I learned I am shooting myself in the foot before I even get to the interview. So I figured I would share a few tips.

5 skills employers are looking for

  • Communication
  • Leadership and management potential
  • Planning and organization
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork

Cover Letters

  • Always address your cover letters to a specific person
    • Never use “To whom it may concern”
    • Never assume gender with “Dear Sir”
    • This shows you did a little bit of research and that you care about the job
  • Start your cover letter with why you are writing
    • Be direct and get to the point
  • Tell them why you want to work there and why you would be a good fit
    • Never assume you are the best candidate for the job
    • Confidence, not cockiness
  • At the end of your letter include that you will follow up with a second inquiry and follow through
  • Include a signature on the letter
    • Use a scanner to get a digital copy of your signature


  • Don’t have time gaps on your resume of years
    • Tell them what you were doing
    • “Time off with family”
  • Be honest in everything
  • It is ok to include relevant hobbies
    • Especially if they show those 5 skills
  • No one cares about your GPA
  • Do include you expected graduation date

For more help go talk to the people at Career Services. This is something they can help you with.