Double Trip: Prague & Dublin

My next round of flights are probably given away by the title of this blog post, so I figure I can just cut to the chase here. Once again, I used the advantage of Europe being so packed together and relatively close to spend a week of my winter break exploring some new cities: Prague […]

Vacaciones de Navidad

Wow, this blog is coming a little bit late. Technically, I am still on Christmas break, so it’s not late in that regard, but it has been almost a month since Christmas and we are already on the way out with January, so it seems a little bit late for me.  Yes, you heard me […]


Is there a better way to relax after a long semester than to juggle airport security, transportation, bags, and check-ins? Not in a million years, those are the best. (Disclaimer: This is a joke.) But that is what I decided to do, and so a month ago I scheduled a flight the day after my […]

End of the Semester!!!

Well folks, that’s a wrap. (On that semester, not really on anything else. I will be back next semester…and later with another blog).  An interesting fact about the Spanish education system is that the exams for the fall semester for Spanish, year-long, and Erasmus students take place in January… yes, after the holidays… after you […]

Winter Break In Thailand?

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Vacation has been unreal. Leaving 45 degree weather in Chengdu, China and coming to 85 degree weather in Bangkok, Thailand. I didn’t even mind sweating all day long! 😅 Bangkok was wonderful. A huge reason it was so great is because one of my best friends Mike came and met me all the way from […]

Japanese Culture Event! =D

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Hey everyone! The past two weeks have been so much fun, and educational at the same time. So first the educational stuff. For my history class I was assigned to visit a temple and do a report on it. This temple was called the Tsukiji Hongan-ji temple and the history on it was interesting in […]

Thanksgiving Abroad?

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Went to the BMX World Championships! Ran the America table at the schools cultural festival. Watched Chubbs for my friends going on a trip. Had thanksgiving in China? Ate some crickets at the yellow dragon village (黄龙溪). Went to a Danny Avila concert. My friend invited me to watch the World Championships of BMX! She […]