The Student Fight In Brazil

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Here at USP, education is and has always been a hot topic. How can it not be? The university is renowned for its engineering department and history of important research, and is on many lists internationally as the top university in Latin America. But for students and professors here, it is much more personal. As […]

Food Part 2!

In my first food post, I wrote about a couple of things that are stereotypically Norwegian, but Norway no longer lives only on fish and weird cheese! So what other foods is Norway obsessed with?   Grandiosa Pizza In the States, we have Top Ramen. In Norway, they have Grandiosa. Because higher education is free, […]

Adventuring in Paulista

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São Paulo is a 24/7 city. No matter the time of day, there are parties to go to, coxinhas to buy and eat, and places to see. No where is this more true than on Avenida Paulista, the city’s epicenter of nightlife, shopping, and all things São Paulo. Conveniently situated on the yellow Metro line, […]

Self Care in the Rainiest City in the World

Sometimes, taking care of yourself is hard. I knew going in that studying abroad can be emotionally difficult, and I had a plan: drink tea, call home, do yoga. But six weeks in, I felt myself slipping. A quick Google search for “self care” and even “self care while studying abroad” yields hundreds of results, […]

Not All Those Who Hike are Lost

……but some are.   This weekend, we were very lucky to have two days of sunny weather in a row! Wow! Accordingly, a few of my suitemates and I decided to go out for a hike from Fløyen to Ulriken, perhaps the most well known of Bergen’s seven mountains. We knew it was going to […]

Sao Paulo At First Glance

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Seven am in Sao Paulo– it’s cloudy, a little rainy and very cold. May through August is winter for the southern hemisphere, and I definitely was not prepared for the chilly temperatures when I left the plane. Sao Paulo is at once very familiar and totally strange. For those who have spent time in Miami […]

Velkommen til Bergen!

I made it! Today marks my fifth day in Norway, and although there were a couple of dicey moments, I am now settling in nicely. Lesson learned: try to avoid 30 minute layovers on your international flight connection, or your luggage will probably get left behind! On the other hand, if your luggage does get […]