Cup of Noodle Museum in Yokohama Japan!

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Hey everyone! Hope your summer is going well and are getting some much-deserved rest! So, here at Meiji Gakuin we are still in the middle of our spring semester and we just took our midterms! In addition, I recently went to the Cup of Noodles Museum in Yokohama! Due to the amount of studying I […]

Packin’ It All Up

Packing up all your belongings into one suitcase and one backpack isn’t the easiest task ever, but it is my final task here in Madrid. Although it is true that I came to Spain with the same amount of space in my bags, due to the Law of Accumulation of Random Sh*t, I think that […]

Bratislava & Vienna

If you ask me where Bratislava is, I can tell you it is in Slovakia, but if you ask me why I decided to travel to Bratislava, I would have to tell the truth and say: “No real reason. The flights were cheap.” Probably a month ago I was trying to plan some of the […]

Semester is (Almost) Over

Well, I hope everybody’s summer is going well. If it is summer for you wherever you live or go to school. Because it’s not summer here yet. Technically, anyways. Sure, classes ended on the 12th of May, but here in Spain, following the end of classes, there is a 3 week long exam period during […]

Semana Santa

Holy Week. (That is what the title of this blog means, in case you were wondering.) Holy Week is the culmination of the season of Lent for Christians, especially Catholics, and it is an important if not the most important week during the year. While Spain abolished Catholicism as the official religion in the 1978 […]

Sushi, Arcades and Golden Week!

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Hey everyone! I Hope you are all doing well and are looking forward to the end of the semester at UNM! So, in the past few weeks from my last blog I have gone to a new sushi place as well as to two different arcades. Also, golden week has started here, and it is […]