It’s very hard to believe that it is already May, meaning the semester is over at UNM and I only have about a month and a half left in Korea. I’m having very mixed feelings about leaving…Of course, I’m very excited to go home to my family and friends, boyfriend, and most of all my dog, but leaving my friends and life here behind will be hard too. I think at this point I’m pretty much ready to go home—I really miss New Mexican food, Target, driving, working… but I know when I leave I’ll be dying to come back. It makes me very sad to think that no longer will I be able to go to the Han River and order food and hang out with my friends after playing volleyball for hours, or have kimchi anytime I want, or explore a new, hidden part of Seoul I’ve never been to before. The closer my return date comes, the more pressure I feel to make my last weeks here worthwhile. But shhh, let’s not think about that right now.

Many of my friends here are American or Canadian teachers who work at international schools or tutoring centers around Seoul. I’ve really enjoyed meeting them and listening to their stories about how they ended up here, and what they plan to do in the future. It’s incredibly comforting to me, listening to them because it’s a reminder that I don’t have to rush to start my career after graduation. I’ll be in school for at least 4 more years, but even that sounds too soon for me to actually be a real grown up, you know? The gentle reminder that there isn’t always just one path for a person, or that what most people do isn’t what I have to do, is really helpful to me. Who knows? Maybe I’ll postpone being a responsible adult for a couple more years after graduation to teach in a foreign country. Sounds good to me!

By the way, a little update: Korea has now elected Mun Jae-in as president—he’s ‘liberal,’ but not in the same way that liberals are in the states. He plans on reinstating the Sunshine Policy, which was rescinded before because North Korea was taking the money and using it for nuclear weapons… so I’m not entirely sure what the new president thinks will happen if he starts giving them money again. As of now, still haven’t died from a bomb, so that’s something.

Now that I got that out of the way… I leave you with some advice: WEAR SUNSCREEN WHEN YOU GO PLAY BEACH VOLLEYBALL FOR 5 HOURS. EVEN IF IT’S CLOUDY. Oh, and here are some pictures of stuff! (:



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