After a two-and-a-half-month break, school is finally back in session. The school year here follows the calendar year, so the fall semester is the second semester and the long break is during winter. The winter was really cold for about a month, but recently it’s been getting warmer. And with said warmth comes fruit aplenty! Fruit prices are going down to semi-reasonable rates for the first time since I’ve been here, and I’m really enjoying having it in the house.

During the break I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend and my mom both visit me on separate occasions. They both stayed for 2 weeks, which gave us plenty of time to see the sights in Seoul and even venture out of the big city a bit. I got to go to Busan for a second time, and affirm that it really is a very lovely city. My mom and I took a ‘tourist train’ to Jeongseon. It was quite an adventure, and definitely not geared towards foreigners. Everything was in Korean, so we just kind of went along for the ride; though we couldn’t understand what was happening most of the time, we did see some pretty cool stuff. At the end of my second time of being a pseudo tour-guide for two weeks, I was pretty burnt out with the touristy stuff in Seoul. Unfortunately, because the new batch of students for the semester have just arrived (including my roommate) it’s difficult to avoid it. I’ve been trying to have more authentic Korean experiences recently, with Korean friends.

I’m really excited about the classes I’ve signed up for this semester. Similar to last semester, I had a really hard time finding any classes that related to my major, so I just signed up for things that sounded interesting. I decided to take a programming class; I’m not only the only girl, but the only foreigner. Though the class was on the list of English-taught courses, the lecture is completely in Korean. Fortunately, the lab is 4 hours long (but once you finish your work, you can leave) so after the professor lectures, he comes and teaches it all again to me in English. I’m so glad that he is willing to do this, because other teachers have been known to just kick foreigners out of the class because they aren’t willing to accommodate.

Well, there’s my little life-update! Hope everyone is having a good semester. Love from Korea!