Spring is the most beautiful and pleasant time of the year almost anywhere, and Korea is not an exception. Spring is also, predictably so, the peak of tourist season. It is essentially when the country comes back to life after the (way too-) long, harsh winter (yes, I’m very New Mexican. It was cold. I didn’t like it. Sorry, not sorry.). People start doing outdoor activities again, parks fill up, and hanging out at the river is a common pass-time. The night markets come back, there are tons of outdoor activities and the trees blossom! YES! The much-anticipated cherry blossoms have finally arrived! There are plenty of festivals in spring celebrating cherry blossoms, strawberries, green tea, etc. It’s been raining fairly often, but the sunny days makeup for it.

With the arrival of spring has also come the end of my exchange. I’m still going to be in Korea for more than 2 months, but compared to how long I’ve been here, that’s nothing. I know that I’ll miss tons here (especially the food) but every day I miss home a bit more. And more specifically, in different ways. I’ve started missing really weird things. Small things. Like parking at the mall. Parking at the mall is the WORST, and yet, I miss it. I even miss Flying Star. This might not seem weird at first… until I tell you that I hate Flying Star. I know, scandalous, but I am really not a fan. So why do I miss it? Today I realized that I also miss coffee creamer. Like French vanilla, Coffee Mate. I’ve never even purchased it, AND I drink my coffee black. But I miss it. Most of all, I really miss Costco. I hate food shopping here in Korea. I die a little inside every time I have to go to the incredibly crowded, loud, overwhelming Lotte Mart, where somehow I end up spending $40 even when I just try to make a quick stop for some chicken (seriously, it’s my own personal hell).

Sorry this post is just kind of a mish-mash of random thoughts. I’m kind of running out of ideas of what to write about… when you’ve lived somewhere different for long enough, things stop being weird and everything just feels normal, so it’s hard to figure out what is actually noteworthy and interesting to everyone back home. Once again, sorry for this ridiculous post, and I hope everyone is enjoying Spring in New Mexico.