Recent adventures:

1. Fishing at a random pond on the outskirts of the city (everyone caught fish except me😢)

2. View from Tianfu square (Center of Chengdu)

3. Night out clubbing (details not approved by my manager🤷🏼‍♂️)

4. Cool scenic area outside the city (reminds me of the turtle island from avatar 💧🔥⛰💨)

5. Chongqing style Hot Pot (delicious, but make sure you don’t have class the next morning 😷🌶🔥🌶)

6. Me doing homework in the police station (I’ve been an illegal alien in China for about a month until yesterday)

7. Cutting the ribbon for the grand opening of a new school (if you can speak English in China, jobs find you)

While out fishing, I learned that you should always bring tissues with you in China. Not only are the toilets just holes in the ground, they sometimes don’t have toilet paper at all. I have actually learned to love the eastern style “squatty potties”(they are a very conducive apparatus), but the toilet paper is something to get used to. After seeing Tianfu square my economics teacher showed me pictures of the same place from twenty years earlier. They are completely different places. Construction is constant in China and they are very fast and efficient. For example, there was a tv store right outside our university. I was very surprised the next day to see it looking like a construction zone. I was even more surprised when I walked out and it was a bakery the day after. The next thing I have learned to live is that Chengdu is like a rainforest. You would have no idea while you are in the city, but right outside is some of the most green terrain I have ever seen! No wonder it’s such a thriving city even though it’s right in the middle of China. The perfect place to grow peppers😏🌶. The Chongqing style Hot Pot was a teacher in itself. It taught me to respect spicy food 😅. I’ve eaten a lot of spicy food since coming here, but this time even the locals eating with us were having a hard time taking the heat. The last thing I want to leave you with is a quote my Chinese friend told me. “人生没有白走的路,每一步都算数” roughly translated it means “Life has no particular direction, every step counts”.


See you next time.