Thailand has been amazing! After a week in Phuket the plan was to hop on a plane and make our way to Vietnam. We bought tickets, packed up all of our stuff and went to return our motorbikes. After my friend payed 10,000 baht for the bike that he crashed, we hopped in a taxi to get to the airport. When we arrived we went to the ticket counter and the lady asked us for a visa. To our disappointment we did not have one. We had thought that you could apply for visa on arrival. All our hopes to go see Ha Long Bay and eat egg rolls and Pho flew away with that plane 😢✈️. The biggest bummer was wasting those flights but they weren’t very expensive anyway. On the bright side we got another week on a beautiful island in Thailand🏝. We went right back to the motorbike place and rented some more 😅. First we went to the Phuket elephant sanctuary🐘. This is a wonderful place where they rescue elephants abused and injured for the sake of tourism. We got to learn all about the elephants, watch them play in the water and even feed them! The next night we went down to one of the boxing stadiums to watch a real Thai boxing match (ringside seats and a free tee shirt for 35$) 🥊. There were 8 fights and 4 of them ended in the first round by knockout!😵🤕 It was crazy to see how fast these fighters could kick people in the head. The next day we took a boat tour to Phi Phi islands 😎(actually pronounced pipi). This was probably one of the coolest things i have done in thailand so far. All day we stopped at different coves and jump off into the beautiful turquoise water with our snorkels and fins and sea tons of sea life. Rainbow colored fish, sea anemones, sea urchins, i even Swam with sharks! We had to actually get back on the boat in this specific cove because there were too many sharks. Afterward we went to a beautiful white sand beach and ate at a buffet inside a cabana. By the time me and my friends got home, we were too tired to do anything😴. On one of the last days i met a Thai girl that spoke Chinese! I knew i had to leave but we went out to lunch anyway. It was great because her English wasn’t very good, my thai was non existent but we could speak chinese to each other. It was especially funny when a Chinese person overheard us talking😅. That is about the rest of my thailand trip. I know there is much more to discover and i will definitely be back, but i have to say I’m pretty excited to get back to China 🙂. Cheers! See you next time.