After a crazy first few weeks I feel like I am started to get more settled in. I don’t have to ask as many questions and don’t feel as timid. I’m starting to not just expect the unexpected but CRAVE the unexpected. Everyday i learn something new about the culture. Wednesday I learned that when you eat chicken feet, you eat all of it, even the cartilage! On Thursday I learned that some people pretend to be blind to get into these prestigious and very popular blind massage schools. Today i learned that you can’t get anywhere using a vehicle during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Everyone comes home to spend it with their families and eat the uber delicious Mooncakes! Who knows what I will learn tomorrow😆. I sure don’t but I am excited to find out. My interview with Honeybee daycare went wonderfully. The owner had lived in New Zealand for twenty years. This was a pleasant surprise that I would have a boss with no language barrier 😅👌🏼. They Invited me out to Hot Pot the next night with the rest of the staff. I was stoked to meet everyone and eat some delicious food. Every time my plate was empty my boss filled it with food. Every time my glass was empty he filled it with beer. Man do I love Chengdu. I went to work at Honeybee for the first time on Wednesday and it was great! The curriculum and the environment is perfect for these little kids. I think my experience working at the summer camp all summer will help tons. I’ve already been offered a position at another school without even looking. I think i will check it out because it’s just one day on the weekends. Plus my job at Honeybee is only two days a week. Study abroad is so great because you learn just as much if not more outside the classroom than inside. Oh ya class is going good too 😉. I’m taking Intensive Chinese, Sichuan Cuisine, and Chinese Economy. I am excited to go to Intensive Chinese everyday! I have learned so much and it’s a great place to ask any questions about Chinese and China. Sichuan cuisine is a great meal once a week that we learn to cook that day. I can’t wait to come home and cook some of the dishes! Chinese Economy is a very interesting class that covers a very interesting economy. I think this class will help me to understand why some of the things are the way they are here. After all, there is a lot to wrap my head around and i don’t expect a shortage anytime soon.