What’s up everybody I just want to start with saying China has been great to me thus far and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I’m extremely grateful for the friendships i have made and the experiences i have had. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

  1. Went to the famous DuJiangYan (都江堰)irrigation system on a USAC field trip  
  2. Part of the irrigation system at night 
  3. One of the many meat vendors of Qiang minority village
  4. THE “China Squat” also wearing a traditional Qiang minority headset
  5. Sitting atop an archery/watchtower protected by the White Stone God
  6. Me accepting an arm wrestling challenge by a 78 year old man (read further for results)
  7. Went for a session of traditional Chinese fire cupping therapy or Baguan (拔罐)
  8. A couple of friends trying to teach me MaJiang while we buy candy from an old man 
  9. Sharing cake for one of the students birthdays at the end of class

 The DuJiangYan irrigation system is a very old and famous irrigation system in China that allowed a huge part of Sichuan province to thrive economically. It is also a very popular tourist destination for many Chinese people. Our next destination was the Qiang minority village. This village was very interesting and full of history. As you can see the meat vendors like to hang their meat on hooks outside to attract customers😋. This is a completely normal practice in China, but the head was definitely a new addition. I think the longer i stay here things i would normally think are very strange become completely normal🤷🏼‍♂️. Like the “China Squat”, its a necessity if you every have to use one of the squat toilets, and you will often see people just squatting like this anywhere. I remember one of my English students asking me if i was able to squat like that because he heard foreigners couldn’t do it 😅. The next picture is me sitting on the archery/watchtower that sat on top of the Kings house in the Qiang minority village. I’m not sure if i was supposed to do that, but one thing they told us specifically not to do was go anywhere near the White Stone God, a being that they revered in the village. It must give them some sort of strength because directly after i went down stairs and old man challenged me to an arm wrestling match. The 78 year old man then proceeded to embarrass me💪🏻 (although he did make me use my left hand). I blamed it on my Qi being out of balance😉so my Chinese friend brought me to a place where they do traditional Chinese fire cupping.  That was definitely a cool experience. I had purple circles on my back for a few days but it felt good. Supposedly it helps With circulation and relaxing the muscles. In the next few days some friends invited me out to dinner, at the restaurant was a few MaJiang tables. MaJiang is a very popular Chinese game and it is played all over the world. Since coming to China, i have wanted to learn the game and they were happy to teach🀄️. While playing we went against everything i had ever learned in America and bought candy from an old man off the street😳, but the guy had a cool hat and good candy. He also used the oldest looking balance scale i had ever seen to weigh our taffy-like candy. The last picture is of me and my class celebrating one of the students birthdays! I love the school and all the little kids, i couldn’t imagine China without them. Thank you for reading! Till next time, Cheers✌🏻.