Last week we had Chinese National Holiday! In other words, no school for a week 🤘🏼. Over the week my biggest adventure was going to Mount Emei (峨嵋山). Me and five of my other classmates started this journey at 5:30 on Monday morning. We had a local friend help us buy bus tickets online. On our way to the bus we grabbed some baozi (包子) from a lady selling them on a cart off the back of her bicycle (this is normal in China). Baozi is basically a softball size ball of bread with meat, potato or vegetable filling😍. When we started the bus ride everybody fell asleep, which is good because our expected two hour bus ride turned into a four hour one because of traffic. During the ride i also saw some of the most green terrain i had ever seen in my life! I knew it was going to be a beautiful hike. We finally arrived and started the trek up the very steep mountain. Along our path we saw many cool monasteries as well as some mountain homes that were all selling food and different goods. The fruits were always wonderful to eat when we needed a rest, but i think one of my favorite items was a monkey beating stick. We had heard so much to be careful of the monkeys for they will try to steal your stuff. I knew it was true when almost every place we passed was selling the sticks. After hours of hiking up some of the steepest stairs i have ever been on, two of our friends could go on no longer. We wanted to stay with them but then we would not be able to reach the top in time to make it home the next night. They were fine with us going on and they would meet us by bus at the top. We hiked for a lil while longer until it was too dark and cold. We stopped at the next monastery. For dinner we had 方便面 (convenient noddles). After dinner we were all extremely exhausted so we went to our rooms. The rooms were actually pretty nice with heating pads on the beds and a cool view of the city light far in the distance. Before i could even get in bed my friend nocked in the door and said, “bro you gotta check this out”. So i followed him and right near our rooms was a monk sitting practicing his calligraphy. We sat in awe for a few minutes then the monk invited us to try! We weren’t very good but it was a great experience. Afterward we all crashed to recharge for the next day of hiking. When we woke up at about 6am the monk was there to greet us and he motioned at me to follow. I followed him and he brought me to a room where a beautiful character poster lay that he made for me. It had the stamp of the mountain, the stamp of that monastery and the stamp of his name! Definitely the coolest souvenir i would bring home from the trip. After that we were stoked to get going. At the next monastery we saw our first monkeys. They looked so careless yet agile in the trees. We made sure to take care of our stuff and move on. When we finally stopped for breakfast we had some of the best noodles i have had here in China, although maybe it was because i was starving on a mountain 🤷🏼‍♂️. As we were eating these noodles a giant mule comes out of the brush and just continues on the path….wow.  As for the rest of the hike we saw some more monkeys and pushed our way to the top. The bus ride down was wonderful, wonderful because i slept the whole way. Overall, it was an amazing experience that i am so grateful to have shared with some of my classmates. Cheers! Until next time.9E35D9EB-7F2F-45F4-893C-4208EF35A2A3