1. Went to the BMX World Championships!
  2. Ran the America table at the schools cultural festival.
  3. Watched Chubbs for my friends going on a trip.
  4. Had thanksgiving in China?
  5. Ate some crickets at the yellow dragon village (黄龙溪).
  6. Went to a Danny Avila concert.

My friend invited me to watch the World Championships of BMX! She was super lucky to get tickets because the word on the street was most of the tickets were taken by party members and their families. Me and my friend were some of the only younger adults there surrounded by older people and their children and grandchildren. It was funny because my friend got asked multiple times if I was one of the competitors 😁. In the end an 18 year old kid from the U.S. won! The next week I had a cultural festival to attend. It was so much fun! We made mini hamburgers, rice krispy treats, and deviled eggs to hand out. We also had stickers of famous American musicians, and in order to receive them they had to catch a frisbee while standing on my penny board. Everyone loved it! There were so many people at our table and i got to meet a lot of cool people.👌🏼 The mini hamster may be fun at first and pretty cute too, but after a while he was keeping me up at night trying to escape from his cage, and even bit my finger picking him up 😥. Our study abroad program offered to pay for a turkey for Thanksgiving. Therefore we had our own little thanksgiving party at one of the classmates apartments. I was skeptical of how it was going to go because the necessities of thanksgiving comprise a lot of elements not readily available in China. It turned out great! We had turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes (sweet and regular 🙌🏻), cheesy broccoli, Mac and cheese, fruit salad, cheese cake, peanut butter pie, apple pie, and vanilla ice cream😋. Everyone brought a dish or drinks. When we got our turkey it had to be China style with the neck and head and all. That weekend we went to the yellow dragon village. It was tons of fun and i even ate some crickets (which were surprisingly good) and stinky tofu. My most recent adventure was the Danny Avila concert. I didn’t know who he was before but i guess he’s a pretty famous Dj, his music was great! Hope everything is going well in New Mexico. Cheers!