It’s sad to say that this semester is coming to an end. I will be coming back to China after break, but many of the people I shared this crazy experience with will be going home. This is one of my best friends in China. Me and Sam always went out together. We made native Chinese friends that we would hangout with. We would try to eat at a new noodle spot everyday. We tried to learn Ma Jiang together. It will be wierd next semester without him, but i hope to make more great friends! Before i left China i had to get some hotpot. Of course we ordered the weirdest stuff…… pig brain, duck blood, duck tongue, goose intestine, but it all tasted well (I only pictured the wierd things)🤷🏼‍♂️😁. When we got home we all went to hangout in one of the classmate’s rooms. The whole day they had been doing construction on the building across the street and as we were talking we heard the loudest sound, as if a whole building collapsed, and that’s because it did. Smoke filled the air all the way to the window where i took the first picture. The people in the noodle shops below were scrambling to close their doors. I believe everyone knew it was gonna collapse but they didn’t know it would make such a big dust cloud. You could say that was one of our last “only in China” moments together. The USAC program that i am studying abroad through also put on a goodbye dinner. It was wonderful, everybody got dressed up nicely and we went to a very nice restaurant. Even till the day we leave when we walk in a restaurant everybody looks at us and sometime even says “hello!”😅. The food we had was top notch, dish after dish after dish. It was all so good but i could literally not eat another bite. Then we proceeded to give out gifts to our amazing teachers. I will never forget my Chinese teacher. 薇老师 was the sweetest most caring woman and a wonderful teacher. My Chinese economy teacher was a very interesting woman and knew many things about China being a 20 year expat. And my Sichuan cuisine teacher was hilarious and taught us some great things about Chinese cooking. Then we got to read everybody’s expectations from the beginning of the semester till now. All the while, all the Chinese in the restaurant standing up out of their chairs to watch what is going on. It was a great end to the semester. Here i come Thailand!