Coming back to China felt like coming home in a way. I missed the food, all my friends, and even my teachers, and i was also tired of living from a back back for a month. We still had a full free week in Shanghai with some of the new classmates before going back to chengdu. It was very cool to meet everyone and even see our program director Wentao and her assistant Jiajing again! Over the week we did all sorts of things like the pearl tower, which is a huge tower with a really cool observation deck that has glass walls and a glass floor. We also got to go to the fake market which is full of tons of name brand items. All of them are super cheap but of course they aren’t real. Here you really have to use your bargaining skills to get the best price. We also went to Hangzhou for a day and got to see Xitang water town! That was very cool, we rode a boat right through the middle of town and got off to each lunch at a beautiful little resturant. After we had ample free time to explore the many shops and stops that Xitang offered. Everything from street musicians and tea houses to hand made chili and stinky tofu. After the town we went to a tea museum. One of the first things i noticed when we walked up the pathway was how many different characters there were for tea. Many professional calligraphers   all have their own style. And tea was so important to Chinese culture that is was always a character of importance. After hangzhou we went back to shanghai for two more days. Each night we went out to discover different clubs and bars we were recommended too. One bar had free draft beer for foreign students with ID! It was wonderful 😉. We also went to one of the highest parties in the world on the 92nd floor! Good fun but after so much dim sum and xiao long bao, i was ready to go back to chengdu 😴. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have arrived! I can’t wait to see my friends! Cheers! 🍻