Getting back to chengdu was wonderful! Except for all the unpacking and laundry I had to do 😅. It was a struggle because amongst all the chaos of meeting the new students and changing rooms i got sick😷. Felt horrible for a few days but got back on my feet. It’s Chinese New Year! Many people had already gone home for the holiday so the schools and the streets were empty. I had a few friends still in Sichuan so we went out to catch up before they all went home. I think i had Hot Pot four times that week🤤. It was delicious but i don’t know if it was the best thing for my stomach right after being sick 😬. One day the weather was beautiful, and when the weather is beautiful everyone goes to the soccer field to catch some rays. I decided to go make some friends and practice Chinese. I went out to the soccer field stoked to be under the sun after all this cold weather. When i got there i saw a group of students looking at me with curiosity. This is not unusual for foreigners but i decided to ask if i could join their conversation. They were more than welcoming and very nice girls. After a long conversation we decided to play some MaJiang that night. Me and one of their roommates were still unsure of the rules. It was a blast and now i know how to play! Me and my foreign classmates were all eager to learn so now i can show them and we can get some gambling going 🤑. I was very grateful to meet that group of girls. They were all headed home for the new year in the next couple of days so they invited me out to hotpot the next night! Hotpot isn’t just a meal in China it’s an event! It was cool to see the look on their faces when a foreigner eats something spicy 😅. I wouldn’t see them for a month but i was happy to meet some new friends. I didn’t know what i was going to do for our New Years break. All the Chinese natives had nearly a month off. Given that we just had Christmas break we get around a week. To my luck one of my good Chinese friends invited me out to her hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year! Let me tell you it was an experience! Be ready for the next blog post and find out what happend. Cheers! And happy new year! (新年快乐)🎉🎊🎏🍻