Here I am sitting on a bus, excuse me, standing on a bus jam packed with people in Chengdu, China. My China experience thus far has been nothing short of spectacular. Beijing was full of adventures from the Great Wall to the weird street food that may have been just to attract the  foreigners 🤷🏼‍♂️. I’m so excited to have arrived in Chengdu and unpack my bags. Things are moving so fast. I barely started school and I’ve managed to land an interview with a daycare that starts to teach children English from a very young age, which is where I am headed right now! I am hoping I will get off at the right stop, just imagine how hard it is to figure out the bus routes in Albuquerque, now Change all the English to chinese characters….. and forget your ability to ask people questions without pointing or google translate. Wish me luck. The only reason I was able to get an interview in such a foreign place was David. Remember the Chinese kid that I met at the summer camp? Well i had been having a google translate conversation with his mom ever since arriving in China, and a few days after I had arrived in Chengdu they insisted on taking me out. So they took me and a  friend to 宽窄路 (wide narrow alley) which is a sort of old town for Chengdu. Just imagine Old town in Albuquerque but a few hundred years older! The shells of these buildings were kept for historical and aesthetic reasons and the insides renovated to accommodate many different types of shops. Anyways they took us out to a really nice dinner with a layout of famous Sichuan dishes! We ate until we couldn’t put anymore down. Over the course of the dinner we had a wonderful conversation (good thing her friend was there who spoke English). She ended up not only offering me a 1 day a week job tutoring her son, but also referred me to a very nice English teaching daycare. The generosity of the Chinese and their willingness to help is amazing. I have only had good experiences with the locals here. Every restaurant, bar, store or place i end up i am always welcomes with a smile and TONS of curiosity. The food is unmatched, i was never into that spicy of food but Sichuan has changed my mind. All in all, i couldn’t have hoped for a better first week in Chengdu. Stay tuned for the next blog post if you want to hear about the food! 😋