Vacation has been unreal. Leaving 45 degree weather in Chengdu, China and coming to 85 degree weather in Bangkok, Thailand. I didn’t even mind sweating all day long! 😅 Bangkok was wonderful. A huge reason it was so great is because one of my best friends Mike came and met me all the way from California. It had been a while since i had seen him and it was unreal to see him in another country! It is his first time out of the country so I have been trying my best to show him a good time 🤘🏼.

We went to the giant Buddha, climbed to the top of golden mountain where you could see all of Bangkok, ate scorpions, went out to Khao San Road, made local friends, and even ate shark fin soup! (As well as tons of delicious Thai food 😋). From Bangkok we flew to Phuket island. A Beautiful beach town in the south of Thailand. Here we managed to get free housing through friends! How great is this world! 😃 When we landed we had to haggle a ride with the local cab drivers to get to the house (something I have gotten very good at spending a few months in China😎). After arriving we dropped our stuff and started walking in the direction of Boat Ave (a place we heard we could rent motorbikes). The map said it was a 2 hour walk but we didn’t care. We were surrounded by jungle and a beautiful sky above our heads. Once we got to the road we managed to grab a local bus!

And it wasn’t just some public bus like in The States, it was a big colorful bus that you wave down and hop in the back when it stops. The bus was full, but the driver told us to sit with him in front. His English was good enough to get us to our destination and have a good laugh together. So I ask this bus driver “what’s your name?” And he replies “who’s!”, and I went back and said “YOUR name, what is YOUR name?”, to mine and Mikes hysterical amazement he finally said “Whos, my name is Whos😂. We ended up getting there in about 15 minutes rather than 2 hours and it only cost us 30 Baht which exchanges to less than 1 U.S. dollar. We rented motorbikes the first day and despite a fall my friend had on our way home from renting the bikes we have been zooming around the whole island on these things, Stopping at different beaches every single day.

We bought goggles and a snorkel and it may have been one of the better investments of my whole trip, along with the motorbike. The first time i put them on at banana beach i put my head underwater and saw a school of around 20 little fish! It’s breathtaking to just swim around and see so many different colors of fish. I feel as if i could live on this island and i have only been here for 4 days! Stay tuned for the rest of the Thailand trip! Cheers and happy holidays 🎄🎄.