Helena G.

Senior - Political Science, Spanish and Honors Interdisciplinary: Liberal Arts
Albuquerque, N.M.

Study Abroad Location: Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia

Interests: Eating, biking, traveling, skiing, dancing, laughing

Extra Curricular Activities: Watching T.V.

Red or Green? red

“She comes and she goes, She flies and she flows, She is and she does, this is all that She was”
— Helena Gates

Favorite Class: Honors Post War Studies: Yugoslavia

Favorite Bands: Nicolas Jaar, THEY.

Why Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia?
I would like to learn Spanish and live somewhere I’ve never lived before.

What is the most important thing you’re taking aboard and why?
Hydrogen peroxide. It cures all and gets stains out of clothes.

What are you looking forward to most about studying abroad?
The food and learning more about each place that I visit.

If you could go back to and give your freshman self some advice, what would that be?
Just relax.

Meet Helena G.

A Weekend Stateside

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Sometimes I forget what a complete shock it is to go back to the U.S. after having been away for any significant amount of time. This past weekend I flew back to Florida just for the weekend to spend some time with my family. I was happy to be back in the U.S. for a […]


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Since I have been back in Ecuador I have begun to appreciate the way people drive here compared to Cusco. No offense wonderful Cusqueños! Everywhere you go in the world traffic is different, the lights and times are different, etiquette is different, the rules are different, and the way people interact with those rules are […]


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Apologies for the quick pause in posts I have been In Peru for a little over a month now and about a 3.5 weeks ago we had an enormous storm that broke our internet and our television. Luckily I am back on the internet just in time to wish everyone Happy Holidays from Cusco. I […]

Doctor’s Offices

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An interesting phenomenon that I have come across during my many travels abroad are the countless doctor’s offices that I have visited in different countries and my experiences with the medical systems of each country. Someday I would like to write a coffee table book about all of the doctor’s offices I’ve been too and […]

Machu Picchu

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For my last full weekend in Peru, I went to Machu Picchu and saw the infamous Inca ruins in all of their glory. It was amazing of course, and the views from the mountains made all the difficulties absolutely worth it. Might I say, it was a wild ride (literally, financially, and emotionally) getting there […]