If you are planning a trip abroad anytime in the near future, one of the biggest tips that I wish I had known before I left was to do some practical research on my destination country. Googling “beautiful places Croatia” is perfectly fine and all but it’s just the beginning. What I mean by ‘practical’ research is; make sure to also read up on the specifics of the country that you plan on visiting like special holidays, history, and currency rates. In any given country  exchange rates and bank fees differ from place to place so it will be well worth your time to learn a little bit about where you are going. Doing practical research ahead of time will also give you an overall leg up because it will save time and potentially prevent fraudulent behavior, theft and scamming. Below I attached a short and useful link about Croatian money that may help to better understand the world of international currencies. Plus, the visual appearance of a country’s money can also be a fun and interesting way to learn a little about the region and its history.


Croatian money: 17 useful and strange facts you should know

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