Hey everyone! I Hope you all are doing well! So, I recently went to Yokohama, which is about 45 minutes from Tokyo. I also went to Nippori. Both these places were so cool and unique in their own way.

So, I will start by describing my experience in Yokohama. I went there with one of my Japanese friends and he showed me around the China Town part of Yokohama which was so cool! It was so interesting to see a transition from Japanese culture to Chinese culture with just a few steps. In addition, while walking around China Town we ended up stumbling upon a parade in celebration of the Chinese New Year. After checking out China Town, we then went to get dinner. After dinner we then walked around Yokohama a bit more and went into a few shops. Another really cool part about Yokohama is the ferris wheel. This ferris wheel is huge and not only that, when it is dark, there is a really cool light display on the ferris wheel. After that we then left Yokohama.

A few days after Yokohama, I then went with some friends to a small district in Tokyo called Nippori. The really cool thing about Nippori is that even though it is in Tokyo it looks more like a traditional Japanese town and not as modern in comparison to places like Shibuya and Harajuku. Another cool thing about this town is that it is known to have a lot of stray cats walking around. So much so that shop and restaurant owners leave food and water out for the feline friends. My friends and I managed to see a few cats walking around when on this street. In addition, there are some really cool shops in which you can buy a variety of things ranging from bowls to magnets all cat themed. After checking out some of the shops mentioned, my friends and I then went to check out the Nezu Shrine. This shrine was cool in that even though it was small it felt huge and had some interesting walkways.

After Nippori my friends and I then headed home. While heading home we noticed something awesome. What we noticed was that if the weather is just right, and before the sun sets, you can see Mount Fuji from a spot that is not too far from our dorm. It was not only awesome to see and realize this, but the view of Mount Fuji from this spot is so nice that a picture doesn’t do it justice.

I will be uploading photos of these adventures to my Instagram @isaacxmaes soon. However, while the Chinese New Year parade was going on, I mainly took video and unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t support the video type that my camera shoots in. But, feel free to check out the photos!

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