Hey everyone, so I landed in Japan 3 days ago and the best word to describe the experience so far is WOW! So far, I have met students who are also in the same program I am in and who are from different parts of the world such as England, Taiwan, Canada, and Romania.

The flight was so long but well worth it. I landed in Narita Airport, and that is when the adventure began. I took four trains and a taxi to get to my dorm and that was an experience in of itself. The train system was confusing at first but now that I understand it, I think it is one of the most amazing things in terms of public transportation. After I arrived at my dorm I contacted loved ones back home to let them know I had arrived safely and then went to bed due because I was exhausted. The next day was another fun adventure.

My first day in Tokyo was amazing to say the least. What started out as a simple trip to the grocery store turned into a whole adventure with some of the other international students. We went to the Shibuya district in Tokyo and got some fantastic ramen, as well as saw one of the largest stores I have ever seen in my life. This store was, if I had to guess, 12 stories tall and had everything ranging from cameras, to remote control drones, to an arcade with some of the most entertaining games I have ever played. After returning from Shibuya we all went to the grocery store. Not only was the ramen delicious, the food from the grocery store also so good!  The next day, the other international students and myself were taken to register for our national health insurance and tour the surrounding area of our dorm.

The surrounding area of the dorm is truly breathtaking. I say that because after receiving our national health insurance we went to buy lunch at a local convenience store, but we passed through what looked like a jungle. One minute we were in a city, and the next we were in a jungle in a blink of an eye. Photos of the jungle scenery are on my instagram which is @isaacxmaes. I would provide the picture here, unfortunately the files are too large. The next day we went to have a tour of Meiji Gakuin University and it is such a beautiful campus. The architecture and the scenery are awe inspiring really. Photos of Meiji Gakuin University are on my Instagram as well. Overall, this has been an amazing experience and I am only three days into this program. I am excited to see what the next adventure and experience here in Tokyo holds.

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Isaac M.