Hey everyone, and happy holidays! I hope you all have had a great break so far! So, for the holiday season in Japan I decided to go to a few illumination festivals throughout Tokyo and it was very lit to say the least. (Ba tum tis). I was able to attend illumination festivals in Ginza, Roppongi, and Shibuya.

So, Ginza was interesting in that I was able to witness how much Japan loves Christmas. The reason I say that is because before going to the illumination festival, myself and some of the other exchange students went to a Christmas market that was held near Giza Park. This Christmas market was fun and very interesting as foods and trinkets both from Japan and Europe were being sold. There was a booth where one could buy Japanese deserts and right next to it was a booth where one could buy French food. After attending the Christmas festival, myself and some of the other exchange students headed over to the illumination festival.

At this first illumination festival is where I learned another interesting aspect about Japan. Not only does Japan love Christmas, but they also love Disney, especially Frozen. The reason I say that is because this illumination festival was Frozen themed. In addition, every 15 minutes there was a segment in which the theme song from Frozen and another song would play in relation to the light making for a really cool light show.

A few days later I headed over to Roppongi to check out other illumination festivals. Fun fact, this illumination festival is the one that Japan is most known for. So, what makes this illumination festival different than the others? Well when you walk into this festival not only are the trees decorated with Christmas lights, some of the trees are decorated to look like champagne glasses. In addition, there are some trees that are decorated with some unique blue lights so when mixed together with the champagne glass looking trees, it truly feels like you are in another world. After viewing these trees there is a fantastic light show synchronized to music. This light show was so amazing I can’t put into words how great it was. The location of this light show was also perfect in that while you are watching this light show, a view of Tokyo Tower was in the background.

The next day myself and one of my international friends went to the blue cave illuminations in Yoyogi Park near Shibuya. This one was really cool because from afar it just looked like trees lit up with blue lights but when you walked in it felt like you literally entered a blue cave. I will admit it was so blue it took my eyes a minute or two to adjust to just how blue it was, but after that it was truly an awesome experience. In addition, while walking in the blue cave, Christmas music would come on once in a while and the light would go to the beat.

Overall, I guess you could say Christmas in Japan is not only lit, but I was enlightened to see how another part of the world views Christmas.

If you are interested in seeing photos of all these illuminations I have posted photos on my Instagram @isaacxmaes. I would post photos here, but the files are too large. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog and have a wonderful rest of your day. And remember to follow @unmstudyabroad on Instagram and Facebook.

いろいろ  Iroiro                         Various

 あお               Ao                               Blue


ひかり            Hikari                          Light