Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well! So, recently I went to Naka-Meguro to check out a bridge called the Nakano Bridge. I was also able to check out a place called the Old Saigo Judo Teiato. I also went to an awesome udon shop in Shibuya with some friends.

So, to start, I will describe what the Nakano bridge is. The Nakano Bridge is in a lot of Japanese T.V shows and some animes. It was really cool to finally be able to see this bridge and be able to walk across it. The design of it is awesome as well in that it looks very traditional. After checking out the Nakano bridge, which is on the Meguro river, I walked along the river taking some more pictures because the weather was really nice. While walking along the Meguro River I encountered something really cool. So, recently Starbucks decided to open the largest Starbucks in the world here in Japan. While walking down the Meguro River I happened to find it! Needless to say, the line to get in was really long. I actually didn’t know this was the largest Starbucks in the world until I saw it on the news the next day. After seeing the Largest Starbucks in the world, I then headed over to The Old Saigo Judo Teiato.

Old Saigo Judo Teiato is a Japanese style house with a really nice park right outside of it. You can go into this house, but unfortunately it was closed on this day. Old Saigo Judo Teiato was really cool because it was so quiet although it is in a very urban area. However, I think my favorite part of The Old Saigo Judo Teiato was the fact that there were cherry blossoms blooming! The fact that there were cherry blossoms blooming at The Old Saigo Judo Teiato felt like I had time traveled to say the least.  After checking out The Old Saigo Judo I then went home.

A few days later I then went to eat udon in Shibuya with some friends. This udon was so good! One of my Japanese friends recommended it and I am so glad he did. I ended up eating an udon that had fish eggs in it and it was easily one of my favorite dishes that I have eaten since living in Japan.

I will be uploading photos of Naka-Meguro to my Instagram @isaacxmaes soon. Also, I will be going to a lot of places here in Japan very soon with my girlfriend who is flying from New Mexico to visit me for 19 days! With that said there will be plenty of photos taken! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog and have a wonderful rest of your day. And remember to follow @unmstudyabroad on Instagram and Facebook