Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! So, this past weekend was not only a culture shock but also so much fun. Mejiji Gakuin University took myself and the other exchange students to the village of Oshino-Hakkai. While visiting Oshino-Hakkai our coordinator took us to see the ninja village, as well as to lunch and the famous Ninja Park and school.

Oshino-Hakkai is a small village, however, Mount Fuji is not too far from it and no matter where you are you can see mount Fuji very clearly. When we were arriving in Oshino-Hakkai the first thing we saw was Mount Fuji. After arriving in the town, we went to small park were vendors sell food as well where there is some beautiful wood buildings and bridges. After visiting this small park, we ate Udon at a nearby restaurant. This restaurant was not only nice but had the feeling of a traditional Japanese eating style, in that you had to sit down on the floor to eat.  After eating lunch, we went to the Ninja Park and School in Oshino-Hakkai.

Oshino-Hakkai Ninja Park and School was easily the most fun I have had in Japan. When we got there we all purchased a ticket to see the Ninja Show. This Ninja Show gave a detailed history of the Ninja way of life as well as the different weapons that Ninjas use in combat ranging from a katana sword to shuriken’s (Throwing Stars). These were done not only in a lecture form but also through acts in which two ninjas would use plastic replicas of the weapons to show how they were used. However, in the final act of this show a real shuriken was used when the two ninjas were performing their act. This  not only shocked the audience, but of course was planned by the staff running the show. After viewing the Ninja Show we then were able to explore the park aspect which was not only beautiful but had an obstacle course, maze, as well as other fun and interactive aspects that allows one to not only practice being a ninja themselves but also allows to see some of the obstacle courses that Ninjas must undergo in training. There is also a section in which one can throw shuriken’s as well as use the blow dart gun that Ninjas use for the cost of 500 yen (5 dollars). This trip was a total of 4 hours in travel, 2 there and 2 back, but so worth it. If you decided to study abroad in Japan I highly recommend checking out Oshino-Hakkai.  I have uploaded photos of all that I have described on my Instagram @isaacxmaes if you all would like to see photos.

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おもしろい:               Omoshiroi                   Interesting

ちいさい:                   Chīsai                          Small

おおきい                    Ōkī                              Big

しゃしん:                   Shashin                       Photo