Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well. So, these past few weeks have been fun, but I have mainly studied because we just had midterms here at Meiji Gakuin. However, I still managed to go out and explore a bit.  I also finally got to live out a childhood dream of mine and visit a Pokémon center.

So, in terms of midterms (ba dum tss) there was not as many as one might think. The only midterm I had was for my intensive Japanese class.  The topics covered were just everything we went over for the first half of the semester ranging from spelling, to speaking, to kanji. But overall, it wasn’t too bad. After midterms I went to Tokyo Skytree with some friends.

Tokyo Skytree is something you should check out if you study abroad in Japan. To put the size of Tokyo Skytree in perspective it is taller than Tokyo Tower with a height of 634 meters. There are two levels of Tokyo Skytree, three if you count the ground floor. But the first stop you get off is the observation deck where you can see a lot of Japan, and if the skies are clear, you can see Mount Fuji. Unfortunately, it was a bit too cloudy to see Mount Fuji. I guess you could say I had my head in the clouds (ba dum tss). We then went to the second viewing deck, which is higher up on Skytree, and if you like Dragonball Z you should definitely check it out. The elevator to go up to the second viewing deck is designed with Dragonball Z characters. Once you get to the second viewing deck there is Dragonball Z pictures and statues everywhere. My friends and I stayed on the second deck until it got dark and the sunset was just, wow!  Even with the clouds blocking the views of some parts of Japan, it was still a beautiful view. However, at night the view looked surreal with the amount of lights in Tokyo. After taking in gorgeous views, my friends and I decided to head home. However, on our way out we decided to check out the “sky walking” portion of Skytree which is a glass pane in which you can see the ground below. If you are okay with a bit of vertigo I highly recommend it.

After Skytree my friends and I went to the Pokémon center nearby and it was everything I ever hoped and more. If I had to describe the feeling, it would be nostalgic as well as going from reality to a Pokémon world. Note, this was a small sized Pokémon center and there was still so many Pokémon items. When you step in to the Pokémon center you are greeted with a free souvenir which is a small see through picture of Pikachu, and then you can shop until your heart is content. After spending about an hour in the Pokémon center my friends and I finally went home.

Although I did not do much exploring this month, even the smallest amount of exploring leaves one with a culture shock that you definitely remember. With that said, I highly recommend studying abroad because even the small moment stick with you. I have uploaded all the photos from Skytree and the Pokémon center on my Instagram @isaacxmaes if you all would like to see photos.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog and have a wonderful rest of your day. And remember to follow @unmstudyabroad on Instagram and Facebook.



Japanese words of the day:

すごい            Sugoi               Amazing

アニメ            Anime             Anime

木                    Ki                    Tree

かいもの        Kaimono         Shopping