Hey everyone, so the past few weeks have been a huge culture shock to say the least. The last time I posted I claimed I was going to Meguro, which I did, but I went to Tokyo Tower as well. The experience at Tokyo Tower was amazing. When I was going up to not only the mid deck of the tower, but as well as the top deck, I felt like I was in an anime, which is probably one of the coolest feelings to have while living in Japan.  The view from the mid deck was truly awesome and there was even a sky-walking glass pane that you can stand on and look straight down and feel like you were floating. However, the view from the top deck is truly breath taking. From the top deck you can see so much of Japan. I was able to see so much ranging from Tokyo airport all the way to Mount Fuji. The really cool thing about the top deck is the way it is designed, you are able to view all of Japan in one fluid motion. I spent about an hour in the top deck just looking at Japan because of how elegant the view was. When I was done viewing Japan from the top deck I explored the inside of Tokyo Tower a little more and found a really cool section dedicated to the One-Piece anime. I did not enter though because I had to get home to study. Soon though I will return to Tokyo Tower to check it out. Pictures of Tokyo Tower are on my Instagram @isaacxmaes. Since my last post I have also been to the district of Ueno and Asakusa.

Visiting Ueno and Asakusa was also a cultural experience to say the least. I will first describe my experience of Ueno. I went to Ueno as a class trip to view Sumi-E style paintings at an art gallery. These paintings were truly mind blowing. So much emotion was portrayed only using black and white. In addition, one is able to visualize the color that would be visible with just the way in which this art is created. Upon finishing this art experience, I then went to Asakusa with some friends to check out the Sensoji Temple. The Sensoji Temple was also amazing.  While at Asakusa Temple one can have their “fortune” told for only 100 yen but the way the fortune is brought to you is awesome. So, what you do is as follows:

  • Pay the 100 yen.
  • Pick up a canister that has sticks in it with numbers on them.
  • Shake said canister.
  • Tip over the canister to have a number stick slide out.
  • Match the number on the stick with a wall of drawers.
  • Pull out a piece of paper which has your fortune.
  • Put stick back in canister.

I “fortunately” (ba dum tss =) ) got a good fortune. You can get a bad fortune, but you can tie the bad fortune paper to a poll, so you don’t have to take it with you. I then went to eat Okonomiyaki. That was also amazing. I had to sit on the floor to eat and then the food was brought to the table. However, there was a grill on the table and I and my friends had to grill the food ourselves which was so much fun. The food was also absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, I haven’t uploaded the photos of Asakusa or even Meguro to my Instagram. I will be doing that soon.

Tomorrow I am going to Nikko Toshogu with the other exchange students. It will be a long day starting at 7:45 AM and going until 7:00 PM but I know it is going to be so much fun. I will post in a few more days to share my experience of Nikko Toshogu with you all. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog and have a wonderful rest of your day. And remember to follow @unmstudyabroad on Instagram and Facebook.


Japanese words of the day:


おはようございます。                     Ohayōgozaimasu.        Good Morning (Polite Way)


たのしい                                          Tanoshī                        Fun


おいしい                                             Oishī                          Delicious