I am going to be totally honest, I am a mess.

I am not like any mess, but several individuals have told me that I am the human definition of what it is to struggle. Luckily enough, I have a really great support of friends and family that have forgiven me for the chaos of stress I burden them with every day.  Truthfully, they are the ones that got me here, 12 hours from my departure to India. At this point, I am grateful to be able to write this blog because I seriously got rejected for my Indian visa seven times. You would think they feel bad after the third rejection and give it to you, but India makes you work.

In a country of confusion, I think it is only rightfully fair for a confused girl to find a sense of belonging with a country full of difficulties. Usually the majority of people I told that I was going to India either got excited for me or could not fully grasp the idea that I would choose to go to a place “like that”. I have never been to India, but when people said a place “like that”, it almost sounded like it connoted the country for being unpleasant, as if I should not go. Of course, during moments of doubt, I questioned my intentions on pursuing my study abroad in a place people were scared for me to go to. Nevertheless, being a young, chaotic mess, my soul dared to yearn for a place of obscurity.

With this information about my personality, you may be bewildered by my reasoning, as most people are, but that’s what makes it fun. I love living life as if it were a series of blurred moments. Feeling like I need to catch up to whatever is going on is such a mesmerizing experience.

I think that is why I picked India.

Filled with brilliance, hope, simplicity, darkness, mystery, India to me sounds like an enigma that I want to be a part of. It is an expressive pandemonium of life, a poetic uncertainty, an unexplainable mess. I apologize in advance for the series of struggles you will read in the next few months. Let me be the first to tell you, I’ll try my hardest to be striving mess.

Lots of love,


  • Gen Kent Mel

    In history India means “Body of Water “. According to Bruce Lee , ” In your action, Be like water ” which also means “Be Adaptable”. Yoko, I hope your wonderful time in India is blessed with Happiness in adaptability.

  • Gen Kent Mel

    In history India means “Body of Water . According to Bruce Lee , ” In your action, Be like water ” which also means “Be Adaptable”. Yoko, I hope your wonderful time in India is blessed with Happiness in adaptability.

  • Stephany

    I trust that this world will take care of you and raise you to be an even more open and adaptable young woman than you already are, and I believe it’ll do it in every way, including the ones you never saw coming. Form your relationships with the people, the culture, the land, cultivate it, nurture it. It’s all yours Yoko. Have fun girl

  • victoria

    I can’t wait to hear about the events you are going to come by in India, but i’m sure they will be different, but beautiful! i know that you will be able to capture these moments and share them with the world so they can capture a small part of this crazy adventure you are living now! Be safe but experience as much as you can! ❤️

  • Kaela

    So so sooooo proud of you focusing on what you want to do instead of what others think and being led to somewhere you wouldn’t feel was as right as “that place”. Yokes, I love you and cannot wait to here all of your adventures. You better put every interesting encounter you have for the next 6 months, girl. There are people out here in the states (aka me) who are bored af and would love an intertaining read every now and then. Lots of love from Kae

  • Vanessa Lujan

    I am so proud of you! You are the most put together confused person I know. I hope India is a place that will bring you so much purpose! I’m so expectant for what this semester is going to do for you! I look forward to reading about your crazy life for the next few months… I hope it’s life changing!

  • Lauren Giannini

    This is truly great. I cannot wait for your further blogs. I am SO proud of you, Yoko!!! Keep continuing the further of your knowledge and your perspective on life.

  • Cat Collins

    Oh my gosh it took me like 5 tries to figure out how to make this freaking account so I could comment. But it’s worth it for my yoki. I miss you already and I’m so excited for what’s in store for you on this big adventure! I admire your bravery in going through a bit of uncharted territory for the next few months and I can’t wait to see how much you grow. Embrace this opportunity to be humbled! You always keep me on the edge of my seat and I expect nothing less from the adventures you’ll be chronically on here. Tell India I said hi and to take good care of little Yoko.
    Godspeed <3